The environmental science study program (S1) has been officially established

The environmental science study program (S1) has been officially established

Bengkulu (December 6, 2023): The Department of Forestry FP UNIB has succeeded in establishing a new study program, the Undergraduate Environmental Science Study Program (PS-IL). This decision was a progressive step to address global environmental challenges and increase understanding of sustainability issues and institutional development steps. This Environmental Science Study Program will offer a comprehensive curriculum covering natural resource conservation, waste management, climate change mitigation, environmental impact analysis, socio-economic analysis, and environmental policy. Apart from that, this program will also allow students to get involved in research and real projects to improve their practical skills.

Professor Dwi Wahyuni Ganefianti, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, expressed his excitement regarding the launch of this new study program. “Environmental Science is very relevant in the current global context. By equipping students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills, we hope to create future leaders who care about the environment and can provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the future.

Students are expected to be able to register for the Environmental Science Study Program starting next year. Prof. Agus Susatya will lead this Environmental Science study program, and the lecturers/researchers in the Forestry Department are committed to supporting the development of this program and providing a high-quality educational experience for students.

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