The Vice Dean for Student Affairs Opens the KBS HIPROMATER 2024 Event

The Vice Dean for Student Affairs Opens the KBS HIPROMATER 2024 Event

On Friday, May 3 2024. Dr. Hesti Pujiwati, SP., M.Si, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu (FP UNIB) officially opened the 2024 KBS HIPROMATER (Animal Husbandry Student Association) event. This event was held in front of the Animal Husbandry Department Building, and 71 students participated in the Animal Husbandry study program.

In his speech, the Vice Dean said that the theme of this KBS, “Aligning the Social Spirit of Animal Husbandry Students with Synergy in Society Through KBS Hipromater 2024”, is very relevant to the Faculty of Agriculture’s commitment to developing student characters who care about the community and the surrounding environment. He also emphasized the importance of collaboration between students, lecturers and external parties in realizing this vision.

This event was also attended by several influential figures within the Animal Husbandry Department, including the Chair of the Animal Husbandry Department (Dr. Irma Badarina, S.Pt., MP), the Chair of the Animal Husbandry Study Program, (Ir. Edi Sutrisno, M.Sc), and the Council Hipromater Advisor, Prof. Heri Dwi Putranto. Lecturers from the Animal Husbandry Study Program were also present to support and guide the participants.

“In the context of student affairs, activities such as KBS Hipromater are a very effective means of developing the social spirit of animal husbandry students. Through collaboration and joint activities, students can learn to care more about social issues and the world of animal husbandry in society and can positively contribute to society,” said Dr Irma Badarina in her speech.

The KBS HIPROMATER 2024 event will include discussions with the community and social activities in the surrounding community. It is hoped that the participants will benefit the most from this event and use it as momentum to continue contributing to social development in the future.

With the spirit of collaboration and togetherness, this event can be an excellent first step in forming a generation of animal husbandry students who excel in academics and have high social awareness and commitment to contribute to advancing society.