Vice Dean for Student Affairs Inspires PMO HIMASETA 2024 Participants

Vice Dean for Student Affairs Inspires PMO HIMASETA 2024 Participants

On this sunny morning, Sabtu, May 4, 2024, GB1 R4 at The University of Bengkulu witnessed the opening of the 2024 HIMASETA (Agricultural Socioeconomic Student Association) Organization Management Training (PMO). Formation of superior cadres in the organization.

During the activity, which 113 active HIMASETA students attended, the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Hesti Pujiwati SP., M.Si, opened the event. His speech emphasized the importance of dynamic and influential leaders in carrying out organizational responsibilities.

This year’s PMO theme, “Forming a Dynamic and Effective HIMASETA Cadre,” was chosen to provide a strong foundation for all HIMASETA cadres. Through diverse training sessions, participants must hone their leadership, management, and teamwork skills.

The HIMASETA advisor, Dr. Apri Andani, SP., M.Si, also attended this opening ceremony and provided direction and motivation to the participants. He conveyed the importance of integrity, dedication, and managerial skills in leading an organization.

Meanwhile, the PMO participants seemed enthusiastic about participating in every training session. With enthusiasm, they are committed to making the most of this opportunity to develop themselves and their organization.

The 2024 PMO HIMASETA event will take place over the next two days, filled with various training activities and discussions to strengthen the leadership and managerial qualities of HIMASETA cadres. From this PMO, a generation of future leaders will be born who are solid and able to bring positive change to the organization, and society.